Anderson Talent academy seaks out innovative and talented people
Container dressing materials including container desiccants, corrugated rolls & sheets, container liners and liquid liner bags.
Container dressing materials, container desiccants, corrugated rolls, container liners, liquid liner bags.
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The Anderson talent academy (ATA) is an innovative talent academy within the Anderson Lid Company Group.

ALC believes great talent within an enterprising, dynamic and adventurous business environment will primarily determine the future of any successful enterprise in the 21st century.

Anderson talent academy identifies unique and relevant talent, and offers challenging careers to those individuals who believe they have the unique skillsets to be part of a dynamic and growing south African based, international business. These individuals need to believe that nothing is impossible, be tenacious in their execution of unique global opportunities, and demonstrate an ability to thrive in the challenge.

As part of this journey, ATA provides career growth and development opportunities, with associated growth support in mentorship, coaching and leadership development frameworks to allow for talent to thrive and grow.

If you believe nothing is impossible, we would love to get to know you better at ATA.

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