Environmentally sustainable and innovative solutions for moving your products safely

Our solutions give customers the opportunity to increase yields, reduce waste, improve their carbon footprint and save on the consumption of the most precious commodity of all – water. Our focus areas are container dressing materials including container desiccants, corrugated rolls & sheets, container liners and liquid liner bags.

Maximizing productivity and yield to save precious resources



Less waste in transportation means higher productivity lowering de-forestation and landfill waste. Our liquid liners are perfectly designed to reduce waste.



Minimum impact on carbon footprint due to innovative solutions that use less materials and space than conventional products like our liquid liner bags.



Waste water management and optimising total supply leading to less consumption and contamination. Our desiccant product range offers the protection you need to safely transport your product.

Container dressing materials, desiccants and liquid liners

We provide environmentally sustainable solutions for moving the following products safely using container dressing materials including container desiccants, corrugated rolls and sheets as well as container liners.

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Our solutions are applied by customers around the globe – from the East Coast of New Zealand to the West Coast of the USA, supplied through our extensive distribution network. Wherever you are in the world we can help you move your products safely.

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